Herold’s Pest Control has the knowledge and experience to handle your commercial pest control needs.  We offer regularly scheduled maintenance pest control services for most businesses to assure them of a pest free environment.

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Keeping a clean, sanitized and bug free working environment is important to any business owner. However, many businesses have open access areas to the outdoors, as well as lunchrooms that are very inviting to pests. A preventive maintenance schedule is typically the best solution to keeping your business free of unwanted pests. [/one_third]
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Condominiums / Apartments

If you own or manage apartments or condominiums, you are well aware that the cleanliness of you tenants can vary greatly, with some attracting not so pleasant pests. When this happens infestation can become a serious problem that drives away good tenants and jeopardizes your reputation. It’s always best to have a regular pest maintenance plan in place. [/one_third]
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With the number of students, teachers and visitors coming into a school on a daily basis, pest problems are more prevalent than one may think.  When a pest problem occurs in this environment it is important to have it resolved quickly, so teachers and students are not taking the pests along home with them, creating an even bigger problem.[/one_third_last]

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  • Central Bucks School District
  • Meadow Wood Condominiums
  • Forest Ridge Condominiums
  • DelVal College



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  • Low Toxicity Chemicals
  • Low Odor Treatment
  • Day & Night Services Available